I never knew


I thought that meant “Amphibious Mode, Propellor Engaged”


Only if you’re in an Amphicar

Thanks for the laughs, tcmichnorth! I never knew what some of those lights were.

That reminds me, I need to stop by the Filling Station while passing through in the near future. Ever go there? Say “hi!” to Todd for me!

That reminds me, some years ago, someone here posted an icon and had no idea what it meant. No one else did either. I have forgotten what it looked like now but could never find it anywhere. I guess what confused me most is the headlight and fog light icons. I really have never understood the difference unless they are illuminated side by side. Too bad it just doesn’t say “lights on” like my Riviera did. I don’t read too well and follow rules too good, but I don’t like pictogram instructions. I guess it’s better than having the instructions in Mandarin.

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Only on an Amphibacar.

So TT, Bing is a millennial?
I guess I always suspected that, bless his heart. :laughing:

So, you’ve finally assimilated into southern life.


There should be an icon that means “Crush This Junker”.

I have a terrible time with icons. I can never remember if the O on my vacuum cleaner is on or off. When I was driving a school bus I was making a left turn after dropping off a student for months at the UB South Campus bus station until someone told me the pale blue square with pieces missing was a no left turn sign.
I was trying to change something on one of my credit card sites and like almost everything I do on a computer, I had to call for help.

The guy said to me “Just click on your profile Icon.” I told him I didn’t see anything that said profile. He answered. "It is the one that looks like a person in the upper right. I told him there were 3 icons in the upper right and when I described what they looked like to me and I got to the squashed eight, he laughed for a good half minute. I’m just an analog guy in a digital world.