Why does my outside temperature display flash at 37/38 degrees?



When the outside temperature drops below 38 degrees the temperature display flashes between ice and 37 or 38. I know others who also see flashing temperature displays and have no idea why it flashes or what it means. What is the point of this? What is so special about this temperature range?


It’s just to warn you that you may encounter ice on the road.


When the temperature drops below 38 degrees F, the temp reading flashes “ICE” to warn you that ice could be forming on bridges. It only flashes ICE for about a minute after you start the vehicle or when the temperature drops to 38 or below.


You’re seriously asking why your display says “ice” when the temperature is approaching the freezing point of water?


Air temp is NOT the same as ground temp. Air temp could be 36…but ground temp could be below freezing…especially on bridges.


Black tape…


I bet your owner’s manual has the answer. Maybe you should read it cover to cover. You might learn all kinds of important things about your truck.