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Identifying correct fuse when no schematic/manual is available

I’m trying to trace an electrical fault preventing the shift stick from moving in an 2001 Kia Sephia with AT. The brake lights work and the interlock control solenoid was replaced. And the car is on level ground. Could the cause be a blown fuse? The cover to the main box with the chart is missing. Many fuses. Any shortcuts? Any suggestions appreciated. geezel

No manual, and no chart inside the fuse cover? One fuse at a time. Your stuck for that one. Most likely, tho, if the brake lights work, it is probably not a fuse. But, having no wiring diagram, I cannot tell you. Look for a Haynes or Chilton’s manual. They typically have wiring diagrams so you can see how the circuit works. Some even have a fuse block diagram.

I apologize 2 months late (where does the time go?) BustedKnuckles, which was not intentional, only a lapse of memory on my part which is becoming common. For reasons unknown (too much drinking? frustration? realizing the end is near? Turned down for a loan? Separated from a good woman? No job? Few Friends? Any 5 of the above?), I goofed. Forgot my tag, and forgot about checking the site. Also, it’s my daughter’s car and she told me she doesn’t trust it and will never again step foot in it. She bought another car. I should be glad. But no, I’m going ahead. And I’m taking your advice even though I hate wiring diagrams and they hate me. Thanks to you. geezel

Here’s the wiring diagram for the shifter interlock circuit.