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Getting manufacturer's information when manual is missing

I’m working on a 2001 Kia Sephia with an electrical problem involving shifting and am advised, among other things, to check certain fuses. No problem if I had the manual which has the layout diagram but it’s no longer available by the dealer. To make certain I’m dealing with the right fuse (there are about 40, some unconventional) and to save time now and later on, what would you suggest? Yes, I don’t often work on cars or use meters. Help appreciated. geezel

I suggest you see if you can obtain a used owner’s manual, or a service manual, or both, for your car from

You can change all the fuses, but, it’s highly unlikely that that will solve your problem. Here is the wiring diagram for you not to read, and for you not to give to your mechanic/electrician.

(Next day, added)…and for me not to post. Man! You are in such luck! I rarely see this many electrical diagrams, on so many parts of the car, as this autozone site provides! The wiring diagrams cover your 2001, as well as 2003 model KIA. Appreciate your good fortune!

you can also try the Autozone repair guides :