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I wish more people would utilize the like agree buttons

OK, we are all in this mess together, but I like being able to hit an agree or like button instead of posting the same thought a second time. These buttons are seriously underused by commentors, and am asking why you prefer not to use the agree or like button.

I’d like to know too.

I agree with you barky, so I’ll just hit your agree button instead of answering your question. :wink:

Okay, peer pressure made me click the agree button too just now but think that just saying “+1” was way funnier.

Note for the future, if you hit the agree button a second time on a post it removes your agree! Tried to agree with REMCO twice.

I really enjoy most responses…but sometimes I get pretty lazy about it. Will try to do better.

They have changed the buttons, pretty much hid them so even fewer will use them now…Since button pushers are anonymous, they don’t carry much weight…

In my experience you have to be logged in as a user to be able to click the buttons and have the click register.

I agree, but sometimes instead of just nodding my head I like to hear myself too.

On my operating system (old windows XP) the “agree, like, buttons” are hidden until you scroll over them with the cursor. Perhaps some people just don’t see them?

@Barkydog, I’d like your comment, but I’m on the mobile version. :wink: @Caddyman, the button pushers are no longer anonymous. The icon for the like-r now shows up next to the like/agree/disagree.

Weird… Before this thread, I wasn’t really utilizing the agree button.
I don’t see always see it when I agree with someone.

I often like to say WHY I agree, to help the OP’s understanding. I guess in my case my 'score" doesn’t matter. I’m only tryng to help, and sometimes teach.

Just technologically impaired, like the Amish.RE the moderator @Barkydog, I’d like your comment, but I’m on the mobile version. ;)cannot Weird Al if you have a couple of minutes to spare.
No mobile, hidden buttons, the better things should be the worse they get. Post a link for snail mail?

Hey, @Barkydog, thanks for giving me my first Disagree! It’s like I’ve fully arrived.

the button pushers are no longer anonymous.

Well isn’t that interesting! Turns out I was right - someone was disagree stalking me. How about it, Bocephus Moonshine? Why’d you go through my post history on July 6 and disagree with everything you found? (because I doubt you actually read and disagreed with 26 posts between 8:49pm and 8:50pm).

Shadowfax–What makes it even more interesting is that BM stopped actually posting comments on this site on June 3rd, was absent for more than a month, and then returned on July 6th–apparently only to do some damage.
This is…very curious…and really makes you wonder about his motivation(s).

Quite. The really odd bit is that he’s not the typical jackass troll - the posts of his that I browsed through were well thought out and added to the discussion.

Almost makes you wonder if the guy got hacked, but you’d expect to see that on a more mainstream site.

SF–Not to diminish the value of this forum, but…why would a hacker spend enough time to crack someone’s log-on code for CarTalk when there is nothing tangible to be gained from that expenditure of time?

Although I would like to see hackers put behind bars because of the damage that they do to people’s finances, at least I can understand the motivation for hacking into someone’s bank or credit card account. But…to hack into a forum like this? It doesn’t really make sense…at least, not to me.

How about this as a possible alternate explanation?
If BM shares a house with…roommates…or a child, or…God only knows who/what…and if his log-on code is posted near the computer, maybe that other person is up to some mischief…??

why would a hacker spend enough time to crack someone's log-on code for CarTalk when there is nothing tangible to be gained from that expenditure of time?

Exactly. You see that crap on mainstream sites because they attract the kind of idiot who does such things, but those idiots generally don’t strike niche forums like this one.

I think your alternate explanation is very plausible - of course, the question is, why did he suddenly drop off the forum that day? It’s not like he couldn’t go back and undo the disagree abuse, post a message saying his idiot friends screwed with him, and it’d be over.