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An Ignore Button Would be Nice

I could send something directly to @cdaquila but thought I’d just raise it for general discussion.

Every thread has a little star you can click to bookmark it. I think it would be nice, right next to the star, to have another little thing to click to Ignore a thread and just not have it show up.

I have no idea if that is within the technical capabilities of this software platform. But I would happily use it occasionally.

It would also be nice to block/ignore particular users, like you can on Facebook.

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It’s an intriguing idea. I’ll see if there is anything comparable that we could use as a plugin.

I’d be happy with a “clear notifications” button. Even if you go to the thread that the notification is about, it still leaves that damn red notification box next to your name until you click all the way in to the submenus.

+1 @shadowfax - it used to go away when you’d go to the thread (pre-Vanilla).

Oops, now I just made work for you - sorry!

I’m not for it. Anyone is free to read or ignore an posts they want. I prefer to start reading a post before I ignore it. Not all posts from any user are shun-worthy.

@jtsanders‌, I largely agree with you, and generally think we should be adults and decide what to read and not read. If there was such a way to customize what you see to categorically filter out people you don’t want to see, that’s individuals’ prerogative. But there is a feature where users can be made invisible to everyone else who posts. That’s not great, because you might as well ban somebody if there is nothing at all contributed to the community, and it is also a little dystopian for my taste.

@jtsanders, that wasn’t the point. Having it would not impose its use upon anyone, nor dictate how it is used. Of course, it is true that one is always free to cognitively do the work.

Why complicate the issue. I think most of us are mature enough to let others continue to dwell on a topic we may not like and just jump over it. When two people at a party are talking about something I may not wish to hear, I would like an ignore button. That I can see. On this, just walk away. I agree with @cdaquila.

I like things that reduce my clutter is all. But points taken. In the end, for some of the wonkiness of the site at times, the tech time may not be worth the trouble.

@cigroller, you are correct. There are several instances of activating plugins that triggered a cascade of unintended consequences.


Oops, now I just made work for you - sorry!

-shakes fist- I’ll get you for that! :wink:

When dealing with public forums it is better to develop your own thicker skin than to create “user controls”. Every community will attract users that seem to live only to contradict others. I have only been here a few hours and I can see that plainly already. Letting things slide is a good exercise on self control and patience.

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