I use white lithium grease in a can on my trailer ball. What do you use?

I have been using white lithium grease in a can for my trailer ball. It seemed to work on the light utility trailer I have, which I use for short distances. I chose white lithium grease in a spray can, because I already have it, and it was lighter than the wheel bearing grease but did not run like silicone grease in a spray can, or WD-40.

Now, I would be towing a fully laden 6X10 enclosed trailer on a 1,000 mile-trip soon, and I want to make sure I am doing it right. So, what kind of grease do you use on your trailer?

I use a dab of moly grease now and then but I don’t see a problem with lithium.

What I would be concerned about would be the weight of the trailer and contents, the type of vehicle doing the towing, the type of transmission, and so on.

I use white lithium in a tube. I think the spray lithium might be a little too thin for heavier use. Moly grease will also work. I use the tube because it stores well in my glove compartment.

I use what ever is convenient, but I only do local driving with my trailer. Most often that is moly-lith, but I have used the spray lithium too. I have even used a little motor oil.

Swing by a truck stop and ask them what they use if you are really concerned.

I didn’t know you were supposed to lubricate your ball hitch. Professional truck drivers lubricate their fifth wheel hitches because they have moving parts, and the trailer has to slide on the flat plate, but I’ve never lubricated a ball hitch.

Edit: Keith, truck drivers use a product called “fifth wheel grease.” It comes in a large tube or bottle.

Whitey, the ball and hitch move against each other as you bounce down the road and take corners, not as much as a tractor trailer rig, but some anyway. They are supposed to be lubricated.

I use nothing on trailer balls. Everything I own has or had a ball on it but surely if you put lube on it someone including yourself is gonna eventually rub some off on their clothing, and it’s hell to clean out.

That’s why they make and sell ball covers. If you’re really frugal, cut up an old tennis ball and slip it over the greased ball.

I use the same grease that went into the bearings…

Now I know what happened to the chrome on my trailer hitch. If I could just figure out how that golf ball got stuck in my garden hose…!

I use talcum powder on mine.