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Does Color Really Matter?

This a trailer question but still automotive in nature. I’ve got a 2,000 lb. single axle motorcycle trailer (no brakes). In the past, I’ve greased the axle bearings with a gold (amber) grease that looked like the grease I used 35 years ago back when we repacked the axle bearings on cars but I don’t know exactly what it was. Now I can’t even find that colored grease but picked up a tube of black Lithium #2 grease. Can I use it even though it’s not the same as what’s been in there in the past? (Cleaning out the old grease is not an option).

Lithium grease will work just fine.

What I’ve been doing is installing Bearing Buddy’s, , and then injecting green grease.

Most of the trailers that come to the shop for service are used to launch boats from landings.


There are types of grease that will not blend and can result in either liquifying and leaking out or becoming a hard soap. It’s best to clean the hub and start fresh.

Why is cleaning out old grease not an option?

Because I just shoot grease in through a zerk fitting and have neither the knowledge nor the time to clean the hub and start fresh.

In a few thousand miles you’ll know for sure. Let us know how it turns out.

Unless your motorcycle trailer is permanently affixed to your tow vehicle it probably does not travel many miles. Wheel bearing service should be about 20,000 miles. If it was a boat trailer especially in salt water it would need more frequent service. Most independent automobile service shops could probably clean, inspect, and grease pack the bearings in about 30 minutes for I’m guessing about $40 while rotating the tires.