What lube to use?

My daughter came home for spring break and her trunk would not close. I lubricated it with spray silicone and got it to latch. Is this the right lubricant, or should I follow up with something else? 2009 Chevy Cobalt LT.

Silicone should work fine. You may wait a while relubricate it again and open/close the trunk lid a few times to make sure there’s no further problem.


I 'm sure too that would be fine, but I’m partial to a little solvent like Break Free for such applications. The trunk latch area is suseptable to dirt and grime and maybe Break Free will dissolve that grime a little better and repel moisture. Just a personal preference.

There are several brands of white lithium spray available and it works well on latches, door hinges, seat rails, etc but shouldn’t be used on lock cylinders.

I’m partial to KY jelly for trunks myself :slight_smile:

@Roybus why are YOU flagging anybody?

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I let it sit overnight, and the trunk worked 3 times in a row. After that, I got distracted. It’s oil level check day, and everyone is home for Easter. 4 cars down, 1 to go.

Thanks for the info. I was thinking about white grease, but I have to spray into the lock mechanism cowling, and I’m not sure how well that might work with grease.

My experience with that white lithium spray grease is that it hardens with time. I would use Break Free if I could find some, it is absolutely the best for this application, but barring that, my next choice would be SeaFoam followed by some good old 30W from a squirt can. I still have a pump type squirt can.

A railroad engineers pump can is real handy, @keith. I have several with different concoctions in each for specific problems. ATF is a better lube for rusted threads than most highly advertised penetrants. The pinpoint application of aerosol white lube is very handy for me and requires less clean up time. Window regulators and power seats are especially aggravating without the spray lithium.