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Boat Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease

Looking for a good grease for my trailer wheels (currently repacking). I used to use Aqua Lube, but it does not seem to be readily available in my area. Anyone have experiance with “Green Grease?” Alternatly, I am looking at Mobil 1.

You can order Aqua Lube or anything else your heart desires with this new fangled internet thingy, from anywhere!

Greg, Have You Got Bearing Buddies?

As you know, they are a must for boat trailers.

Their link has a FAQ and talks briefly about lubricant type.


yeah - but I can’t stop at the “internet” on my way home from work tomorrow and have the trailer put back together tomorrow night!!!

CSA is on target…Today, ANY EP multi-purpose lithium based grease will do the job. But the bearing buddies are a must. You can make poor-mans versions by simply drilling a 1/4 hole in the center of the bearing dust cover and installing a zerk fitting in the hole. Now you can use a grease gun to “pressurize” the hub with grease. Use a little common sense or you will blow the seal right out the back if you overdue the grease gun…

You can buy wheel bearing grease for marine applications at any WalMart or auto parts store. That’s where I get mine.