Help Needed 1988 Jeep Cherokee Not Shifting Into 1st Gear

I thought my transmission was not going into 2 gear, but it is. But it ain’t going into 1st gear. Just found out today. Any help people? Thank you, Micheal.

How do you adjust the tv cable on it? I had my motor rebuilt, and then when I got it back, the transmission would not shift into first. Any help? I took it back to the man who did it, and he said he did not have anything to do with the transmission, only the motor? Could it be the tv cable, or what??? Sorry, I hope I’m saying it right.

A residual TV pressure would hold the 1-2 shift valve in a lower gear at too high a speed. If the valve body is not allowing 1st gear either the governor valve is stuck or the 1-2 valve is stuck in the 2nd position. I am not sure if you have a tap for the governor pressure on this transmission. You might remove and clean the governor and see if that helps.

Hope this helps until transman618 comments.