I need answers!

I recently drove my car to go to the store then when I left the store and got into my car it wouldn’t start at all. No lights, no horn, no radio, no clock, no nothing. I have no clue what it could be and I am hoping to find answers to see what it could be.

Did you check under the hood?
My sister in law had a situation like that once. Someone had stolen her battery.
I doubt your battery was stolen, but it has happened. It’s more likely that a cable is loose, corroded, or both.
If you have no clue what to look for under the hood, try to find someone who does to check for you. They should check the battery & that cables to it are tight on their posts. Those cables should be tight on the other end too.
Also, not all batteries are maintenance free. If the battery has 2 long removable plastic caps, pop those off & look down inside to ensure the copper plates inside are covered with water.
Verify this & others can go from there.

I would add that maintenance-free batteries can fail with no warning whatsoever. You can start your car, it can operate normally for the next 20 minutes or more, and then you can come back to find that the battery is stone-cold-dead.

Besides a stolen battery, a disconnected battery, and badly corroded battery terminals, I think that your most likely culprit is simply a dead battery. Do you know how old the battery is? Is it maintenance-free, or is it the type that requires the periodic addition of distilled water? And, if it is of the latter type, when was the last time that it was checked?

More than likely, you need a new battery.