Remember car wont start click click click

Well triple A says battery dead after check

& alternator good. So I return to service station fo purchase battery (2yrs old) and the BP station checks everything. Battery, alternator and starter all passed the tests . My car’s running but cant figure out what happened. There were no lights left on in the car,nothing abnormal overnight, so it’s a mystery. all is well…Anyway for Thanksgiving, it’s another day in pradise.

Don’t We Even Get To Know The Make, Model, And Year ?

Somebody may have “fixed” it temporarily if they touched battery cables and / or battery terminals while they were jumping and testing.

I’d remove and thoroughly clean and reinstall the above mentioned items at the comfort of your home if this hasn’t just been done. You don’t want a repeat performance, I’m sure.


Are you sure you’ve checked everything including the trunk light if you have one? The trunk light can be checekd by activiting the switch that turns it on and off and seeing of it responds…or on some vehicles by removing the rear seat back and looking.

Do you have an under-the-hood light? Have you checked that?

Does the car sit unused for long periods?

Was there any signs of corrosion on any cable connections?

Worst case, of it happens again the current draw can be checked with the vehicle off to see if you have a parasitic drain.