Battery Mystery

I will admit, I am not much of a car guy, but something weird is happening and I figured I would reach out to the group, and see if anyone has thoughts.
On Monday we returned home from a long weekend vacation -we were gone 4 days- to find that my wife’s car had a dead battery. This was strange since the car was only unused for four days, and the car is only a year old.
We jumped it, and it has been running just fine ever since.
This morning I went out to start my car, and the battery was dead. I drove it all week and even drove it at 7pm last night. My battery is about 2 years old, so it is not new, but not old by battery standards, either.
The puzzling piece here is the location. Both cars lost their battery charge while sitting in about the same spot in our driveway. Has anyone heard of a situation like this? Could the location be the key to the battery issue? My wife’s car has not been in the driveway since and has been running just fine. The cars were locked, and no lights were left on in the car, so I have no real explanation. Surely this can’t be coincidence.

Location shouldn’t have anything to do with it. A battery that will not take a full charge, or a car that is not driven enough to fully charge the battery, loose battery connections (especially side mount), or a power drain would have something to do with it. First thing I’d undo the connections, clean them and retighten but put a power saver on it first so you loose radio functions and computer settings. Then I might have the battery tested. They can go bad. Might want to just have a shop do it and test the battery and charging circuit at the same time.