I have a 1997 Nissan Maxima. The past few weeks, it sounds like it’s getting harder and harder to start. Last week, it wouldn’t turn over, and had somebody jump me. I took it to Pep Boys and they tested the battery and alt and said both were fine. Tonight, it wouldn’t start again, I had somebody try to jump me and no sounds/no activity. About an hour later, I went back to get my car and it was able to start…any ideas? Thanks.

I suggest checking the cables and clamps, making sure they are intact and clean. Don’t forget the solenoid.

When you turn the key, do any of the dash lights go on?
When you first open the door, does the dome light come on?

Your battery could be getting weak. It might test OK when warm but not have much power on a cold morning.

Also when you had the car jump started the battery was at a no charge state. How much driving did you do after the jump start? It is possible the battery is good, but not at a full charge. You need to drive the car for one hour or more of steady driving to move a battery from a no charge state back to fully charged. The current low maintenance batteries do not take a charge as fast as the old batteries, the ones where you had to add water periodically.

Checking the battery cables for corrosion at both ends (battery side and motor side) is a good idea. Sometimes cables can corrode under the insulation which you can’t see. A corroded cable doesn’t conduct as much power and might causing your problem.

yes, the dash lights and dome lights do go on. Didn’t drive the car much after the first charge…maybe 10 minutes. I’ll check the cables and clean the cables and clamps and see if that does the trick. Thanks for the advice all.

How old is the battery? The fact that even a jump didn’t work but it started later with no jump points to something else, either a connection, the switch in the transmission (try putting it in neutral the next time and see what happens), the ignition switch, or the starter itself.

Agree with texases, probably the starter.