No Juice

Troubleshooting no juice. Car will not start,

Car is broken.

Ah Ha quick witted repertoire


Gimme some details and I’ll give ya a serious answer. What have you troubleshot so far. When you say no juice, the dome light does not come on? Have you looked at the battery cables? Have you put a voltmeter onto the battery to see if it’s charged? (stores like batteries plus will do this for free if you don’t have one)

Ok this might seem a little out of left field, but I have to throw this out there. Maybe your battery is dead.

Possible problems are the starter - starter relay - battery - battery cables. There is no dome light and the radio will not function with the key in the correct position, im trying to take battery out of the damn wheel well but if the battery is good ? starter or relay and is there a user replaceable part tht I can do or is it to the dealer i go?

No dome light means your battery is dead or you completely lost the ground. If the ground cable (black wire from the neg terminal of the battery to the frame or engine block) is tight, then dead battery. If you have a second car, take the battery to an auto parts store to be tested, usually for free. It might have failed with internal damage so it can’t hold a charge, in which case replace. If it is just drained but is capable of holding a charge, you may have left the light on, or there is a current leak somewhere. Get it charged up, re-install it, and see if it dies again.

Unlikely to be a starter or relay problem, I would only suspect that if the dome light and radio worked in the accessory position but the engine did not turn over in the crank position.

If the battery is more than 4 years old, just buy a new one, make sure it is charged, and install it. You may still have a current drain somewhere, but after 4 years you are close enough to needing a new one that it’s cheap insurance.

“or is it to the dealer i go?”

That pretty much tops it off. You apparently want complete strangers who have no access to your car to tell you why it won’t start with the information “no juice” and “will not start.” Then you figure that the options are us or the dealer. Holy cow - its just a guess but you probably shouldn’t try to mess with it at all even though its likely to be pretty basic.

Don’t take it to a dealer. Just get it to a local independent mechanic with a decent reputation.

At most I’d say if you want to be really ambitious then do as StrongDreams suggested & pull the battery and bring it someplace to be tested. Or ask among your neighbors to see if anyone owns and can use a voltmeter just to at least see if it has any “juice” at all. Then if and when you get it running take it for a full check of the charging system. But for gosh sakes if you pull the thing out make sure you know the difference between the positive & negative. Wear gloves and safety goggles and don’t smoke.

Thank you for your responses