I need a Mechanic

I recently moved to las vegas. does anybody know of any good mechanics? i also just found out there is a leak in my engine coolant. also, does anybody know a good place to get my windows tinted.

A portion of this very website is concerned with finding you a good mechanic in Vegas. Go to http://www.cartalk.com/content/mechx/noshop.html

As far as tinting is concerned, be aware that it will severely cut your night vision. Consider only tinting your rear windows, or using only a light tint on the front doors. Backing up in a darkly tinted car at night can be dangerous. Are you used to parking by the braille method where you came from?

OK, it looks like they moved it from my saved favoprite, but you can still do a search from where my link takes you.

Good luck

Check with the local DMV about tinting. It varies from state to state. Here in NH you CAN NOT tint the front windows. Only the windows behind the driver. And then only up to 35%. However it’s NOT enforced very well.

Got to Car Talk home page. Scroll down to the bottom, click on Actual Car Info. Then scroll down to Owning; click on mechanics files. You should find several choices of recommended shops there.