I know I am not having auditory hallucinations


I drive a 2001 Tahoe. It has started making intermittent buzzing noises in the dash area that sound like radio static lasting about 2 seconds or less. My husband can’t hear it, it does not seem to be related to whether I am in park, reverse or driving. The radio or CD player is NOT on. Sometimes it even happens after I have shut off the vehicle. Could it be a loose speaker wire even though the radio/CD player is not on? I would like some possible solutions before I go to the Chevy garage and give them something to laugh about…mkd


I’d have to hear it ,but…many vehicles have electric motors that drive the a/c and heater blend doors. They have small plastic gears in them which, when stripped, will bzzz against each other as the motor strains to work the doors. …maybe ?


Don’t take it into the dealer until you are sure that the Tahoe will play the same tune for them, too. If they can’t hear it, they can’t find it. They will just return the car with a ‘cannot duplicate’ note on the invoice.


When the vehicle is moving or sitting still. If the former, it could be vibration of the plastic cowl under the wipers or… a lot of other stuff.


Had a similar experience in my Wrangler. Sounded just like static. It turned out to be a bee or wasp in my vicinity. I only noticed it in the parking lot at work. Possibly the same thing on second thought?


Curious: Whats the limit you will pay to resolve this issue? I would get stuff like this often when the car was under warranty.Never happened when it was customer pay time.


I have an '02 but have never come across this noise.

Do you hear this noise after simply getting in and sitting in the seat or only AFTER it’s been on the road, is shut off and starts cooling down?

Can you better pin-point the noise location? If so, I can look at mine and see if I can figure something out.


Is it just me or does anyone else find it annoying when someone posts a question, good responses with further questions come in, and we never hear from the original poster again?


I apologize for not getting right back to y’all, I work in a hospital and I got pulled for an unexpected crisis. Thanks for your comments, here are my responses: A/C - heater or wipers are not on, no wasps or bees, auto is kept in my garage or in the hospital’s parking garage when not being driven so the noise doesn’t seem to be related to heating or cooling. I have heard the noise when just getting in, just after starting the Tahoe and also when driving. It did surprise me when I heard it after turning off the key. I will try just sitting in the Tahoe after I turn off the key for a longer period of time to see what happens. The noise is definitely in the dash area. I think it is coming from the vicinity to the immediate left of the radio/CD Off/On control. I am willing to pay to ensure that there is nothing critically wrong with the vehicle like a dangerous short. THANKS again, m


In many vehicles there is power going to the audio system (radio, CD player) even though it is off. Most of these audio systems have a built in clock that has to be powered. If you can trace down the fuses for the audio system, pull them out and see if the buzzing disappears. If so, you have isolated the problem. A loose speaker wire wouldn’t cause the problem when the audio system is off. However, an electrical arcing somewhere near the audio system might possibly cause a noise in the speakers. However, I imagine the speakers are in the doors and you reported that the system seems to be in the dash area.

These noises can be very frustrating and difficult to locate.


The defogger vents for the side window or the driver’s side dashboard vents could have a damper motor that is acting up. If it isn’t the radio, try pulling the ventilation system fuse.


Thanks for this information. I know the radio plays for a while after the ignition is shut off so there is power to the audio system. There is a clock, I didn’t even think of that - THANKS
I am taking the Tahoe in and will take this Email with me.


If your CD player is a OEM single disc in dash unit it has a little fan on it some people claim they can hear it. Most Techs are dealing with noise induced hearing loss and cant hear these types of noises. In my experience women hear these things much better.


That’s right, the radio plays for ten minutes after you turn the key off UNLESS a door is opened or the radio is turned off manually. This is part of the ‘power retention’ feature.

I went through the motions (1/2 hour ago) of turning the key on, (in my '02 Tahoe) radio on/off, CD player on/off, heater/A/C, fan, etc. with no after noises of any sort. So I’m really curious as to what the poster is hearing now.


There didn’t used to be a noise, it just started about 2 weeks ago so I don’t think it is something that happens normally. Maybe the little fan on the CD player is going out or something - I know on the computers that I work with that the fans make noise as they are dying but it doesn’t sound like static. I am taking the Tahoe in this week for an evaluation of this noise. I will update everyone then. I just hope the Tahoe doesn’t get an “immaculate fix” where the noise goes away when I take it in without an explanation of what it was.


You might be able to locate the sound source using a piece of rubber tubing as a stethoscope. Or, with your hospital connections you might be able to get a real stethoscope.


If hubby can’t hear the noise, it may be due to hearing loss. We all experience it as we age. If he cut a lot of lawns as a kid without hearing protection, that could be one explanation. If they can’t hear it at the dealer, ask if someone else there could listen to it. You might also ask friends to ride along and see if they hear it, too.


Okay, here is what I found out at the Chevy dealer, I talked to the man who worked on my Tahoe. I took along the information from your replies. The mechanic said they “reseated” all the fuses and so far, I have NOT heard the buzzing noise. I also had them change the oil, it was due at 75,000 miles anyway. Cost (minus the oil change) was $207. Thanks to all who suggested causes…mkd


“Reseating fuses” would not have been my first choice in solving this concern,wonder what the theory is? Tech got paid very well to do it (how long could this had taken 15min?)But if you are happy…


That’s great! You can do that yourself if it occurs again. I am curious,though - are there any fuses located near the area you heard the buzz?