2010 Porsche Cayenne - Buzzes

Irritating buzzing coming from speakers. Different speakers at different time. Sometimes goes away when I go over a bump. It’s driving me crazier!!!

Do you have a question??

It could be many things, failing radio, bad connection to radio, since it appears on multiple speakers, that is my best guess.

I’d say it’s time to visit the dealer or shop that specializes in these cars, so they can run a diagnostic.

Hmm… does it change in frequency as the engine speed goes up/down? Sit in your driveway, with it buzzing, and slowly increase engine speed.

If no change… I have seen stereos that were going bad doing this sort of thing. One was simply a matter of reconnecting the wiring connectors. With it changing speakers, I’d suspect the amp is going out, but the bump makes me think the stereo might not be grounding properly. Maybe simulate a bump and give the stereo a good whack? If you can toggle the buzz off, that would be a good indicator. It might be a matter of pulling the stereo, checking the guides, and reinstalling.

If the frequency changes, it’s probably an engine component. Both the high and low voltage systems can transmit Perhaps the bump is joggling something enough to properly ground a loose component.

Yes, my cayenne has a buzzing sound that seems to be coming from the speakers but it so loud and irritating. It’s intermittent sometimes and constant in other times. I don’t believe its a blown speaker as sometimes I can hear it on one side of the car and others times it’s on the opposite side. I had to replace the navigational system a little over a year ago and it was making that same sound before I replaced it and stopped once I replaced the navigational system. Sometimes it will stop if I go over a bump.

It buzzes even when the radio is off

These days many car components can play through the speakers if the car, Turn signals etc, Any chance you can narrow it down?

Inspect the speakers to see if they are torn. I had that problem with my home speakers. After I replaced the speaker element, the buzz went away.

I think the buzzing is due to a problem inside the amplifier section of the audio system. You will need to have it repaired or replaced.