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1995 Ford Taurus Station Wagon

There is a buzzing noise when the car is in park/idle. Thought it was the heat shield, but it’s not. There is 150K+ miles on the vehicle. Any thoughts?

Before we go too far, check all the vacuum hoses you can see.

Check if there is one loose or split or perhaps even partially collapsed inside and vibrating as air passes through.
Do this check with the brake on and the engine idling.

Noise audible when engine idling and in PARK, correct?

Check that the power steering fluid is up to the full mark in the reservoir.

Does the noise increase in volume and/or pitch when the rpm’s are raised?

Does the noise disappear when tranny put in REVERSE or DRIVE?

We have to narrow the field to diagnose this with any luck.

With the engine idling and the PARKING BRAKE on, pop the hood and listen in different areas.

With a helper, you listen as he/she shifts the tranny into gear. Does the ‘buzzing’ change in any way?

We’re attempting to see if the buzzing noise is coming from the transmission.

Make certain the helper has the foot brake FIRMLY applied during this test and make sure your feet are clear of the wheels.

A loose heat shield has a metal rattle type noise.

Thanks for the quick response. The car is my fiance’s and I will ask him these questions and post back later. Regards, Ann

I talked to my fiance and everything you mentioned has been checked. Yes, the noise only happens in park/idle and does not change volume/tone/pitch when rev’d. And it does stop when actually driving the vehicle. Power steering fluid is up to the mark, The heatshield was the first thing we thought of. He was able to get in to his mechanic earlier today and the other tests were done. His mechanic believes it to be a problem with the cooling lines going into the tranny and the beginning of its failure. My beau is going to drive the car as long as he can and look for a replacement (possibly a 2000 Focus he found). We figure the cost to repair the transmission will be in the ballpark of the cost of the Focus so why put any more money (and I repeat MORE) into the Taurus. Thank you for your very quick response. If you can think of anything else, let me know. I truly appreciate your time!!

If you are able to locate the source of the buzzing would you please post it back here for all of us.

There’s always the possibility someone else reading this may have the same problem.

After all that is one of the reasons these forums are around.

Has anyone checked the power steering pump as Roadrunner mentioned? Is the power steering fluid at the full mark? Does the buzz change in anyway when you turn the steering wheel?

I’ll be happy to post the end result, when we have one. As for the power steering fluid, it is up to mark and whether or not the buzzing stops when the steering wheel is turned, I don’t know. It only buzzes in park or idle, but I will have Tony turn the wheel just to find out and let you know. Thanks guys!!

I had 2 PCV valves go bad on my Blazer. Both valves made a buzzing noise at idle.

Ed B.

I wonder if the noise changes when you change speeds on the heater fan.