I knew this day was coming


I went to tune in yesterday, and I got “Wait, Wait, Don’t tell me”. I knew this day was coming, but it’s still sad to see it go. While I’ll still listen to Wait, Wait (Paula Poundstone tickles the right parts of my humor!)., it was always as an afterthought.

And some day, Paula won’t be there, too!


We lost Best of Car Talk last year from our local NPR station. I just listen to the podcasts on Spreaker instead


I went to “wait wait don’t tell me” at the greek theatre in Los Angeles, just a few weekends ago

I don’t consider it an afterthought . . . it’s a great show, in my opinion

Sorry to hear you don’t value it as much as I do

And to keep it car-related . . . we parked the car on crystal springs road, then took the shuttle up to the theater. A lot easier than driving the car up or walking

I wore my npr t-shirt, and I received lots of compliments


I got lots of compliments on my rainbow suspenders, bought em at a garage sale, did not realize it was a lgbt thing. Have not had reruns of Car talk for a year at least.


Poundstone is always great on Wait Wait. But yes, I still miss Car Talk.


It was dropped maybe 5 years ago from mine. To tell you the truth, I really prefer the podcast now. I can listen at my leisure and can stop it and pick it up at the same spot.

Melissa Peterson was on again this week. Again, I don’t see the charm, but they loved her.


Yeah, long gone for us; like @db4690 I like wait wait too. Used to plan my Saturdays so that I would be in the car driving around starting at 10 AM to noon as much as possible. Now I am working most of those hours :slight_smile:


Paula Poundstone wasn’t there, when Wait Wait was at the greek theatre a few weekends ago

It was Alonzo Boden, Maz and some other lady

Personally, I think Alonzo Boden is great. He has a great voice for radio, in my opinion, and he’s hilarious.

The show was VERY political . . . but I won’t go into any details, because it might get ugly

But to be fair, even if you disregard the political humour, there was plenty of non-partisan humour that was great

A lot of the jokes did actually involve cars and driving


Well, the show was in LA. You know the line: nobody walks in LA.


It’s still on here from the Boston channel where it all started. I listen to it when I’m driving around during that time period.


I had a pair of those when they were a “Mork and Mindy” thing.


I sure wish one of my local NPR stations would either put Best of Car Talk back on the air on Saturday mornings, or another new show like it. When they cancelled Best of Car Talk they replaced it with a show with a political bent, and that’s not what I want to be hearing Saturday morning. Something a little more interesting, cheerful, and humorous is better for weekend mornings. In the meantime for Saturday morning I listen to one of the Best-of podcasts I’ve downloaded to my mp3 player. The only downside to that is I have to listen using earbuds.


Well yeah, Saturday mornings are pretty much junk now around here. Used to be you’d have the financial talk (can’t remember what that show was called), and the bothers, etc. Then it all went away for programs like wait wait, the splendid table, and pretty far leaning talk and author shows. Then we’d have garden talk, and house talk, and another car talk, on through about 3:00 Saturday. Now its all junk so rarely listen.


That’s interesting. Now I think about it, yes, both npr and commercial stations seem to have moved away from how-to shows on the radio for some reason. I rarely listen/watch how to shows even on tv. I used to record victory garden and this old house on my vcr, but I don’t even know when then are on any more. When they switch to digital over the air tv my vcr no longer worked. The only how to shows I can think of that appear regularly on pbs are cooking and baking shows. I can’t think of any at all on npr. For some reason pbs-tv here in the bay area thinks people like cooking shows. Some evenings & weekend mornings there may be 5 cooking and baking shows taking up the entire programming.