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Hyundai problems

I have a 2004 Hyundai Elantra with almost 129,000 miles (I know but bare with me). It’s always been a tire eater and recently it started making a metal on metal scraping sound. My husband and his friends looked at it and determined it was the CV axel so we replaced it. After that it made a different sound, more like a whirling metal on metal sound. My husband and his friends looked at it again and determined it was the ball joints so we replaced the two front ball joints. Now is makes a humming sound which sounds like a plane flying overhead and the floor of the car in front vibrates. There used to be vibration in the steering wheel which is gone now in favor of this lower vibration. The noise has gotten worse with use and I have no idea what the problem is this time and am wondering if anyone has any ideas.

I think that it is time for a real mechanic to check the car, rather than hubby and his friends. The possibilites here are not possible to diagnose over the internet, but a competent independent mechanic’s shop should be able to figure out what the problem is. The first thing to check is the repair work done so far in your own garage.

when you drive and turn the wheel back and forth, does the noise come and go. if so have your wheel bearings checked. also see if your your tires are cupped

The noise doesn’t change when the wheel is turned either way, though it does get louder or quieter depending on speed. I was wondering if it might be the tires too. I was thinking that the tires on that car have always worn more on the outer edge (apparently because the wheels were falling off) and that maybe that wear pattern might make a noise. I’ve also wondered if I should try getting an alignment and see if that helps at all.