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I Have a Question about USB/AUX jacks

Greetings all, I have a simple question about the usb/aux jacks that u find in cars nowadays. I want to know if you can use them to listen to the radio with headphones. This goes for both types… will standard iPod headphones work with the aux jack? And what about usb headphones. If I have some plug-n-play usb headphones can it play music from the radio?

I’m guessing the answer will be the same if you’re trying to use external speakers also. I’d appreciate some advice on this matter, thanks peace

I hope you realize that most states have statutes on the books making it illegal for a driver to use headphones.

And, even if you reside in a state where this is not yet illegal, have you considered how you would be able to hear sirens, horns, and other important warning devices if you are wearing headphones? Even something like a “new sound” coming from your car is something that you want to be able to hear sooner, rather than later.

Others may differ with me, but IMHO anyone who wears headphones while driving is a hazard on the road.

I thought those jacks were for input (hooking up a source), not output (headphones/speakers). But I could be wrong…

I wasnt planning on driving with them on, that would be asking for trouble. I was just wondering if they were purely for input. People tend to say they are just for input, but i would have expected at least the aux to be able to do output

They’re purely for input. You’d have to re-wire the stereo to make the aux jack output anything.

They don’t have headphone outputs (at least, none accessible to the driver) at least in part because they don’t want idiots wearing headphones while they drive.

It would not surprise me at all if the answers are in the owner’s manual.

My 2013 Equinox has a USB and a 1/8" input jack. The Owner’s Manual specifically states the 1/8" jack is for input only and not to connect headphones.

Ed B.

@Texases is right. These are input jacks. Having headphone output jacks in ANY car sound system as standard equipment is or should be against the law !!! it’s right up there with placing viewable movie screens in front of the driver.