How does the auxilary audio input work

I bought a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica it has a 6 CD/DVD changer with video and audo input.

The manual says external CD/mp3 player can be connected with RCA connectors.

I can’t make the player go to AUX so i can hear it - Mode goes between FM AM and CD - so - any clue how it works?

Have you tried feeding it some input? You need a cable with a headphone jack on one end and an RCA plug on the other. Set the cars player to CD and see if it accepts the external source, which can be any audio device…

Normally, the aux selection only comes up if you have something plugged into the aux port. Do you have something plugged in when you are trying to cycle to aux?

I had my MP3 Sandisk player plugged in - headphone out to R/L RCA plug. With selection playing. Headphones would have been sounding the music.

Perhaps your car’s aux input is defective.

Does your owners manual have a section for the stereo?
Perhaps there’s some information specific to your radio there.

Owner’s manual.

Seems like every one is different, read the directions.

On my Hybrid Escape the MP3 does not play if you push the AUX button…you have to push the SAT button !?

Either the aux input is defective OR the cable is defective.

One of the input cables I used in my Honda didn’t line up exactly with the input ports, so only I only got 1/2 stereo [worse than mono]. Try other cables. Also consider using RCA [male] to mini [3.5 mm] cable and leaving it in place so you can simply connect your player to the cable instead of the ports.

If the RCA ports are broken, get a better radio since it’s out of warranty. Alpine is nice, so are Blaupunkt, Pioneer and Kenwood. Do you really need VIDEO in a car??? Is that for GPS?

It’s a pacifica, like a short minivan, so video is for rear passengers/kids.

On my 2004 T&C and 2005 Pacifica it works like this:

Put it on the CD Changer input. Make sure all CDs are ejected. Connect MP3 player to RCA jacks and turn up volume on MP3 player all the way. Wait a few moments and it should switch from CD to Aux input and say so on the screen. Anytime there’s a pause in sound it will switch back to CD and then back to Aux when sound begins again.

It cuts off the beginning of a lot of songs that way. I wish the CD/Aux would just toggle between the two instead of doing this auto switch thing.

Also sometimes it will say Aux and look like it switched but no sound will come out. Then you switch to another input and then back to CD/Aux and it will magically be there.

Pacificas ain’t short. Now they aren’t as tall as minivans but my 2004 T&C is shorter in length than my 2005 Pacifica.

Ours will only work if the volume on the mp3 player is turned ALL the way UP.

Easiest fix… $5 cassette adapter from Walmart. You don’t have to crank the sound and it won’t skip blank sections or in between tracks on the MP3 player. Working like a champ for me!

Odds are the original poster 8 years ago came up with a solution by now…also that solution while excellent in the past is not as useful anymore as few cars have a tape cassette player anymore. Most just have an aux port