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Do you ever listen to your iPod through your earphones while driving?

Most states have has no state law about wearing headphones when driving a car. There is no national driving law against listening to books on tape, and wearing headphones. Do you ever listen to your iPod through your headphones when you are driving?

If I owned an iPod I wouldn’t do that. iPod? I want to figure out how to install a turntable in my car.

Installation is easy. Finding a car phonograph is the hard part:

When My Sister’s 65 Corvair Monza Convertible Was New She Had An Under-dash 45 RPM Automatic Record Player.

That was one fun car to drive.


Don’t Have An I-Pod, Don’t Want An I-Pod, Don’t Need An I-Pod. I Have 2 Cell Phones And Never Have Them Turned On. I Have A Good Stereo Radio In The Car.
When I Drive A Car, I Drive A Car.


If you’re going to pass a law banning that, wouldn’t you also have to ban the deaf from driving?
(I don’t drive with headphones, but my car has good noise proofing and a good stereo. The end result is about the same, I don’t hear much that is happening outside the car.)

My iPod hooks directly into my car’s stereo system, I don’t need headphones

Never, the closest I’ve come to is listening to the radio with the speaker built into my helmet.

My opinions are subject to change with new facts.