Ponatic Grand AM 98---stumped on why its not starting



I drove my car to a gas station to put some gas in but afterwards it fail to restart…engine turn but i figured it was the fuel pump,so check the fuel line by disconnection the fuel and i got a high pressure spray (since i have no fuel pressure tester).so next i checked for spark and i did have a spark. But i’m still unable to get it to start…i also replace the fuel pressure regulator and cam position sensor. so why can’t my car start…is it possible that i burnt my fuel injectors out?..i just shut it off to fuel up and it never started again.


You may have fuel pressure and spark but if the injectors are not pulsing then it won’t run. You need to remove a connector from a injector to see if there is a electrical pulse. Install a test noid (available at your local parts store) in the connector and crank over the engine, the light should pulse.