Jeep grand cherokee wont start

i have a jeep grand cherokee 1993 that wont start i have no spark to injectors i have change the coil,pcm,rotor,cap, pick up coil,starter,alternator,fly wheel sensor,relayes, wires,fuel pump, i dont know what else to do i need to get it running so i can get rid of it.(help my car talk friend before i go broke)

Do you mean no spark to the spark plugs, or the fuel injectors are not working?


i have no spark to injectors ???

From the parts list you’ve replaced it seems you have no real diagnosis. You list lots of ignition parts, and some fuel parts.

When was the last time the car ran? A history can give clues. Do you have spark? You can test by pulling a plug, cranking the motor and hold the plug on the motor block (or some ground) and you should see a spark clearly.

Do you have fuel getting to the cylinders? One test is to put starting fluid into the intake. Take off the airbox hoses and shoot fluid into the throttle body opening. Get you face away from the motor as someone cranks it. If it fires even once you have spark but no fuel is getting into the cylinders.

The motor can have timing issues, ie a broken timing chain so the valves aren’t working. Compression issues would not allow the motor to run even with spark and fuel, but you’d smell the raw gas coming out the tailpipe. Or it could have timing issues.

It seems the project of getting it going again could mean a tow to a mechanic.

not spark to plugs or injectors timing chain working valve are moving.plenty fuel at injectors,tried insta start still no luck.

no spark to plugs injectors have no power

Chances are you have a problem with the ASD relay. Using a test light, disconnect coil connector, turn on ignition, check for power on green wire with black tracer. If No power, you can probably swap relays with one that’s not important for running and see if it will start.

thanks but i change all relays but they click when you turn the ignition on i guess open and close due to not enough voltage

You say that you have fuel at the injectors - but that the injectors get no power. I’m thinking - huh?

Whoa slow down… You need to get back to basics… Does a 93 Cherokee have a distributor? If so…is it spinning? If not you need to start diagnosing the electrical sytem. DO your coil packs if equipped have power? You need to measure voltage at the obvious places…you may have a bad relay knocking out your ignition system. Start testing the basics…