I hate Kevin

Dear Click and Clack,

I listened with interest to the opening of your September 23rd show because you read a letter from a guy I thought had the same issue as I do. Unfortunately, not so. Our problems, while overlapping, are quite the opposite. As does Kevin, I listen to your show via download each week. And like Kevin, I regularly fall asleep during the podcast and have to restart it at the place I last remember hearing. However, unlike Kevin, I WANT TO FALL ASLEEP DURING THE SHOW. In addition to not having to hear you guys all in one dose, I seriously use your show to help me deal with my insomnia. Needless to say, your episode obliging Kevin was an extreme annoyance–worse than usual. Just as I was dozing off–BRRRRING! Give me a break! As I’m sure many of your automotive repair customers as well as radio show callers say, “Nice try, but I’m not happy!” And to Kevin I say, get your own alarm clock, cheapskate!

Underslept this week more than usual,

Turlock, CA

P.S. Perhaps you could use this concept in you ads for podcast downloads: “If you want to bore yourself to sleep… download classic shows from cartalk.com.”

Another slogan:

“Car talk: it’s cheaper than Ambien!”

…and it’s also cheaper than blurting out the OP’s sentiments on a shrink’s couch.

Wow, how could one possibly sleep with all the snorteling laughter, I use the show to keep me awake on the road! I have a song for you maybe better than a tom and ray webcast.

I would think the snorteling (great word: snort+chortle) laughter would startle me awake, too, but I guess just as you learn to suppress your nausea to the show itself, my mind has habituated to such guffaws.