Please discontinue these edited shows. I listen so I can waste time. Don't take that away

I don’t like the new edited version of the show. I listen to the show so that I can waste a full hour and I enjoy all of the show. You have cut so much out of the new version of the show. Please return the full versions of the show to the airways so I can continue to waste my time.

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waste all the time you want.

I’ve got more time to waste than you but I don’t listen to them at all. Not to be critical but after a while the humor is just nauseating. And then someone calls in telling the color or name of their car trying to fit in and be funny. I think it is the same person doing those CDC PSAs. “My red car is named Lucy and sometimes she coughs in the morning when I start her up. It is very worrying and sometime parks next to the green car and I’m afraid for her.”

I would rather have them air full episodes as they were originally aired. Just give us when the original airing date was.

I’m going to disagree. When we had the 1-hour shows we got 50-odd minutes of content and 1 puzzler a week. Now we have about 70 minutes of content (in 2 podcasts) and 2 puzzlers. I do agree with @Roger124 that it would be nice to know the original air date(s).

That might not be possible b/c of content-rights difficulties. Not a legal-eagle, but I presume just b/c an episode was on the air before doesn’t imply it can be re-broadcast now. Obtaining the necessary permissions may be impossible or impractical.