I got an easy question for people that know cars


my question is can I use my tie rods(or however you spell it) from my 93 chevy cavalier on my new 96 dodge intrepid?


i know nothing about cars really, please somebody help me out on this


I have no idea. In theory, if the threads on both ends are the same then it could be possible I guess.

A quick look shows that tie rod ends, but not tie rods, are available for the Intrepid so I assume that is the reason for this exercise? To save buying a steering rack?

I would suggest if you even attempt this you make darn sure you know what you’re doing.
It will not be a pleasant experience if a tie rod separates itself from the steering rack at 70 mph on the freeway.


o ya man i’m not going to do this unless i’m completely sure it would work, i’m not crazy


basically i have a chevy cavalier that drives, but needs a windsheild and an intrepid that might need new tie rods(not completely sure yet) and i’m looking to cut cost but not endanger my safety or the safety of others


the problem with the dodge intrepid is that the steering looks like it needs to be aligned, however this problem occured while driving and not after an accident so i knw a simple realignment won’t solve the issue, the wheel needs to be turn extremely far to right to turn right and extremely far to the left to turn left and when driving straight the wheel isn’t at it’s center, this problem dosn’t always happen though which is strange sometimes on a turn it will do it and other times it won’t, what could the issue or issues be?


I really doubt it would work, for the following reasons:
1)Different car companies. Often, parts from cars within the same company won’t be the same, but another company, forget about it.
2)Different car styles. The Cavalier is a compact, while the Intrepid is a full-size sedan. They have much different weights and suspension setups and requirements, making a swap between the two of them extremely unlikely at best.

That’s not to say, of course, that it won’t work, but that I think it’s extremely unlikely that it would. I think you’d be better off getting proper tie rod ends made for the Intrepid.


thank you thats all i needed to know, but as far as the steering being out of alignment could that be tie rods, cv joints, bearings? or something else i don’t know about




Even if the threads are the same, the taper where it seats into the steering knuckle is likely different, and that would make it pretty much useless. I wouldnt even bother trying.

I dont know about for your car, but for my Pontiac 6000, I can go to Advance or Autozone and get new tie rods for about $11 a piece.


Absolutly NO !!


After reading this post it sounds to me you have a pretty serious safety issue here with the steering. I would let a pro handle the repair on this. I wouldn’t drive a car with a problem like that. Think about the what the consequences could be if something happened to the steering at the wrong time. It could possibly cost you a lot more than just money later on.