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Tie rod & Tie rod ends

If a mechanic says i need an inner & outer tie rod do i have to by the tie rod ends too? Am lost when it comes to cars so i would appreciate any info.


I think your mechanic probably means inner and outer tie rod ends, if the problem is the result of normal wear, not a wreck.

I am such an extreme "Doubting Thomas’ when it comes to reccommendations about suspension components needing replacement. It seems to be an area of the automobile where the potential for both scaring the customer into a repair not needed and one that has been passed down from generation too generation of mechanics as a prime scam area.

I think alot has to do with the fact you don’t have to be very smart too do suspension work and many unscrupulous types find the feeding grounds too their liking.

The mechanic just grabs a link, twists it, and says to the customer "better fix that before you die’ and the customer meekly obeys.

Agree; a “tech” at Midas once told me my Caprice needed new front springs because the rubber bump pads were shiny since the front suspension had bottomed a few times. I worked in construction at that time and drove over some rough terrain.

When we sold the car 100,000 miles and 5 years later it still had the original springs and running fine.

Ask your mechanic to show you the axial and radial play in your tie rod joints. If none, you should be good to go.