I backed into a Tree with my new truck

Hi all, lets just get this out of the way, im an idiot.
I was trying to back out of the driveway like every other day but had snow all over the side mirror.
I was lowering the window to look behind me but before i knew it I had my head slammed into the door frame and i was wraped around a tree.

so now the bumber is under the cab and the frame is bent.
i can replace the bumper myself but have no idea how to repair the frame…

You will need to go to a specialist but with a little luck, it may not be too bad. The frame from the axle back is sometimes less study and easier to work. If the damage is restricted to that area back, it’s perfectly fixable and the repair should not affect the drivability of the truck… You can’t do it your self though. Hopefully you meant the bumper is under the bed, not the cab.

If you can - remove the bumper yourself. Then have a body shop straighten the frame and bumper supports. You might try to salvage the bumper if you can straighten it out - but I’d be looking for a used bumper from a local salvage yard. Once the frame is repaired you should be able to mount the new/used bumper yourself.

I think a few rounds on the frame puller, and it’ll be straight enough to bolt on another bumper

It’s not a unibody, so it might be easier to straighten

You said new truck so I would assume full coverage insurance. If so use it and get the repair done right.

Maybe he doesn’t want to jack up his rates . . . ?

Since this is a new truck and you have insurance (hopefully) just turn in the “accident” and get your truck repaired professionally. Now if the truck was older or if you have no insurance just follow this 4-step process: 1. Tree. 2. Strong chain. 3. Attach securely to truck bumper. 4. Pull.

And… here’s how you learn…the hard way…
Clean off ALL the snow…ALL THE SNOW…ALL the time…every time.
Front, sides, rear windows…AND lights front and rear…mirrors…roof, hood and trunk lid…ALL of it. ( in pickups , it’s adviseable to leave…or put, snow in the bed for traction weight )

If you want it done correctly let the shop do all the work. To keep the price down ask them to get a new aftermarket or a used oe bumper.

It normally turns into a mess when the owner wants a cheapy and does some of the work themselves. The shop then has to correct the mistakes and/or take the blame for a job done incorrectly.