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Bent frame

I was recently involved in an accident. The other drivers car went under the bed of my truck and struck my rear tire tearing my rearend loose and broke the leaf springs and the drive shaft fell off. The rear end was twisted sideways under my truck. It was taken to the shop and when it was on the hoist i noticed the frame was twisted on both sides where the rear end is bolted on. Is it repairable and will it be safe to drive?

Yes it is repairable. However is the cost worth it for its age(?).

The body shop should give you estimates on repairs and if insurance job a check or fixed truck.

Once the frame is bent like this, it will never ride the same again. It can be repaired, but you’ll likely have alignment problems to deal with constantly. Also, due to the cost of trying to straighten the frame back to specs, it may exceed the replacement cost of the truck. I’d seriously consider letting this truck go and looking for another.

Cannot agree with you more. Been there, done that, don’t do it again!

I’m getting conflicting answers to my questions. What is the truth about frame straightening? This is an insurance job. Liability was assigned to the other driver. It’s a 2001 toyota tacoma prerunner 4x2 with 46000 miles. Was in new condition.

Forget it Kirk, the truck is TOTALED…In slow motion, as the rear end was traveling forward, the frame bending, the springs breaking, THE DRIVESHAFT WAS BEING SHOVED INTO THE TRANSMISSION WITH TREMENDOUS FORCE !! It finally broke too, but the probability of hidden damage, very expensive hidden damage, is just to great to even consider repairing this truck…Walk away from this one…

I’ve rebuilt lots of “totals”, but always stay away from those with frame damage as you have described. If they could put another bed on it and have it all nice and straight, that’s one thing, but your situation is quite another. Since your truck was in NEW condition and had extremely low mileage, the other guy’s insurance company should offer you FULL NADA book retail, plus a premium for the low mileage, plus the sales tax you will have to spend to buy another truck of similar quality. Do a little research of your own in the local paper and/or to see what’s out there. Also check . I know you loved your truck, but it’s time to say good bye.

The OP has not mentioned the model year or mileage…

The car that hit my truck came from the side and went under my truck right in front of the rear tire forcing it backwards. I believe the drive shaft just fell out. The body shop said there was no damage to the drive shaft. they also have laser frame straightening equipment.

There are two frame rails connected by some cross-members…That structure was built on a frame jig and was straight and true to within thousands of an inch when it went down the assembly line…

During the impact, ONE frame rail had to absorb tremendous forces before the other one even felt the impact that was to come…These kind of forces tend to distort the frame in several different directions, putting tremendous stress and loads on EVERYTHING that is bolted to it! The damage has been done! Sure, they can pull it all back so it LOOKS good as new and maybe, just maybe, your truck will drive down the road the rear wheels tracking perfectly behind the front ones just like it did before it got wrecked…We wish you the best of luck…

You have to read the entire thread Caddyman. He told us what it was about four posts from the top.

If the truck is repaired and latter I have alignment issues or dog tracking issues what is my recourse.

I think you know the answer to that question…

So he did…It’s a 10 year old truck…I’m amazed the insurance company would even consider repairing it low mileage or not…

It’s a done deal. It is what is—ruined with no help!

I don’t know if the insurance co. even knows the frame is bent

The repair estimate was 3500 dollars

Did the repair shop list frame straightening in it’s estimate? Was the adjuster working for your insurance or their insurance? I’ve had problems with insurance adjusters and the repair shop not agree on the proper repairs after accidents, and having my insurance company fight for the correct fix. You may want to go over the itemized estimate with the repair shop to make sure everything was included.

After the adjuster takes a look at it, please let us know how this little drama works out…I suspect they will offer you a check for the fair market value of the truck…If you can convince them that it was the greatest truck in the world, they might ante up a few more bucks, but that’s about it…

What you do with the check is up to you…They will sell the truck for salvage and someone may indeed rebuild it… That someone could be you if you are looking for a project like this. Anyway, let us know!

I haven’t seen the estimate and the adjuster was working for the other co. The more I get into this the more I feel like I’m being taken advantage of and I don’t know if it’s the adjuster or the bodyshop. When I reported this acc. to my insurance they told me i may not get my deductable back. So I decided to go through the other parties insurance to avoid paying a deductible because they were at fault. Is it too late to get my insurance co. involved?