Bent bumper housing

I got into a fender bender and now part of my bumper is rubbing against my tire. I want to bend it back but have been unsussesfull in doing so. Anyone have any thoughts?

Here some pics of the damage

Have you considered a body shop?
Someone needs to determine exactly what’s bent and whether it can be unbent.

You won’t be able to bend that much steel. A body shop is your best bet.

From the pic’s it looks like it is just the bumper that is bent.

In the first photo…the rusted colored part, where the bumper bolts up…is the end of the frame. The gray/silver is the bumper and it’s mounting plate surface.

I can see clearly that that this mounting plate is where it is bent.

I would just get a new bumper and be done with it.
You and no body shop will ever straighten that out.


Tow it to a shop or unbolt the bumper from the vehicle.

Metal bumpers cannot be bent back into position.

There are ways to bent it out to keep it from rubbing

HillBilly I am, sawsall, or a jack at an angle to push it out of the way, but both leave your condenser and possibly radiator at great risk. Tow it and get it fixed imhop.

In the hills I come from we use a chain around a tree and let the car pull its own bumper back out.

“Metal bumpers cannot be bent back into position.”

Maybe not but I have “pulled” several bumpers back into position using the procedure that oldtimer 11 talks about. It takes finesse to accomplish but it can be done quite easily.

I once tried the chain around a tree method using the car to pull , it didn’t turn out well . Now I use a chain around a tree & a come-a-long . Looking at the pictures it appears the bumper is bent way down on the end . If it was mine & I wanted to try straightening it , I think I would jack the car up , place some wooden blocks under the low end & slowly let the jack down shoving the bumper end back up where it belongs . I would also keep a very close eye on what was happening at the radiator .

“I once tried the chain around a tree method using the car to pull , it didn’t turn out well.”

Like I said…it takes finesse and some understanding of physics to accomplish this task in the right manner.