I am puzzled i don't know what it is?


I drive a 2003 Saturn L200 sedan. I started my car in the morning (3/4gas tank). I put on my defrost and heat on and went back into the house. I came back out 15min later the lights are on but the engine is not running. I try to crank it but it wont spark. It cranks over but no start. I tried to start it 4 hours later at lunch same thing. Could this be electrical or fuel related? Please help me trouble shoot.


could be a lot of things, mainly fuel or spark problems. have you had any troubles before?

Best part is that it’s a solid fault, should be easy to troubleshoot.


Yes, it could be electrical or fuel related. It could also be a totally shot battery. Is this the original?


if the starter is cranking well, I doubt it’s the battery.

PS, see other post at http://community.cartalk.com/posts/list/716209.page on the problems with warming up your car for long time periods.


the vehicle has only 45K so pump or fuel problems could be least of my problems. I will check to see if it sparks.


True, Bill, but he didn’t describe how well it was cranking. The items he did include made me wonder about the battery.