Car won't start for 10 minutes

I have a 2006 Saturn Ion coupe and it occasionally won’t start after a cold (below 32 degrees) night. What happens is on certain mornings, I’d go and start the car but the engine won’t turn. The radio plays, the dome lights go on, the engine just won’t turn, at all.

The funny thing is without me doing anything else, when I try it after around 10 minutes, it starts right up and runs fine the rest of the day.

Could the 10-minute wait be indicative of a frozen fuel line that’s been thawed by the addition of gasoline when I press the gas pedal to start to car? Or is it something to do with the electrical system?

Any suggestion is greatly appreciate it.

Get your battery checked. Counter intuitive as it seems I have heard stories about turning on the headlights which in turn warms up the battery to help starting. I don’t know if I believe it but a battery check would be the first place to start. Many parts stores will perform the service for free.

Gasoline has no effect on the engine CRANKING. But definitions are a difficult problem. When everything works correctly twisting the key causes the starter to CRANK the engine which causes it to START, i.e., it begins to run. If it CRANKS and CRANKS without starting it might be a fuel issue, But if twisting the key fully to the START position gets no response from the starter fuel is not the cause it is likely electrical.

The gasoline is not frozen. The problem is electrical.

I suggest you have both the battery and the charging system tested. Most auto parts stores will do the testing free.

Your car is old enough now to have a marginal battery. It may be time for a new one.

Thank you all for the suggestions, will have the battery/charging system looked at.

If you could find a way to force the public to grasp this concept (perhaps the “commerce clause” could be used for this, worked out for health insurance)your picture would be on every month for a full year of a Snap-on calender, don’t get your hopes up. I have given up on trying to explain the difference between an engine “cranking” and starting.