Car Won't Start, Possibly Due To Getting Gas?

I have a 99’ Saturn SC1 with 113,000 miles and it usually doesn’t like the winter, this winter being no exception. Last week on friday I drove the car home after it sat for 8 hours while I was at work, it started and ran fine. I stopped the car for about half an hour and when I went to start it again after it wouldn’t start. The dash powers on, the lights turn on bright, but when I turn the key to start the engine it dims the lights and nothing happens. It doesn’t crank or click it just does nothing, though the lights do dim while the key is being turned. I jumped the battery and the car did start, however two days later same type of situation. I drove the car from work after it sat for 8 hours and took it to the gas station. After I fueled the car (engine was off) it wouldn’t start again. Same things happened when I tried to start it. Dash lights up, headlights shine strong, headlights dim when the key is turned to start it. I jumped it again and was able to get it going. One week goes by and I again drive from work to the gas station, fuel up (engine off) and then car won’t start. I try to jump it and this time it wont. Battery was strong, but we towed it and decided to buy a new starter. Tried starting it before we bought the starter and nothing (lights turn on, lights dim when key is turned). Bought the starter, went to push the car in the garage decided to try it again and it started. Turned it off, turned it on 10 times and it turned on and off fine every time. Same today, turned it on, turned if off no issues. I do not know if the gas is any of the issue but it seems a unlikely it would have the same issue after the same situation twice. I’ve heard it might be the starter, as the brushes inside it can get worn in parts and if its stops just right it won’t start again), or possibly the ignition switch. I will have to replace these myself if they are the culprit so I wanted to get some input from others just in case someone has any ideas on the matter. I provided as much detail as I could so hopefully it is enough to give you guys the ability to make some suggestions. Thanks everyone.

When the old starter saw that you were getting serious it decided to shape and fly right…

Haha. So you suspect it to be the starter?

The starter is the last part I would think to change given your problem.
First would be the battery, since this part lasts maybe five years, and unless you have replaced the battery at least once, it is weak and needs replaceing. Next would be the alternator, since this is a fairly fragile part that may have been damaged via the battery jumps. In other words you may have added to your own problems.

The battery tests fine and holds a charge with no issue. Alternator tests fine and is only 1 year old (I replaced it last winter). Like I said it ran throughout the week with no issue, starting, stopping running etc. So eliminating these two options, next on the list would probably be the starter or the ignition switch?

I replaced the starter tonight. That was a treat. Guess I’ll watch and see what happens now. Got the battery load-tested at checker’s also and they gave it the green light. Hopefully it was the starter.

Just as an update. The car has been running perfectly since I replaced the starter. By all accounts it appears it was the starter. Hope this thread can help someone else in the future.