Saturn computer?

my 2003 ion saturn will not start on cold mornings. after i wait a couple of minutes or more it will start. what is the problem. it has 97,000 miless on it.

How old is the battery? Does it sound like it’s cranking fast enough or too slow?

it is not the battery.

i believe there have been problems with the computer on these saturns. what information do you have on this proablem?

it is not the battery.

And you know it is not the battery how?

Please describe in detail exactly what happens.

This is very unlikely to have anything to do with the computer, and its not a special problem for Saturns. It can happen to any car.

“Will not start” is terribly vague. Does it actually crank over in a healthy and powerful sort of way, but just won’t fire up? Or are you turning the key and getting nothing?

it will crank sometimes start then stop. i have to wait for a couple of minutes and try again. it then starts up.

It will crank only sometimes?

Or it will always crank, and sometimes start and then immediately stop?

Try this: turn the key to the run position - the point where all of the dash lights come on, but before it actually cranks. As the dash lights up, listen for a 2-3 second humming sound. Turn the key back off. Back to run (no crank) - hum - off - run/hum - off. Do that about 6-7 times. Then crank it over. If that gets it to start every time then you probably need to replace the fuel pump.

What you have here is a very common problem in saturn ions. Its called a passlock sensor failure. The passlock sensor is in the ignition switch, and when it fails, as it has in your vehicle, it essentially thinks you are stealing the car or have inserted the wrong key. The only solution to this problem is to have the ignition switch replaced and the passlock sensor reprogrammed. I’m 99% sure this will fix your problem, if not you might want to look over this list of common no start issues