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Hyundai's warranty and failure to honor it

I recently brought my standard shift 2009 hyundai sonata to the dealer to have them check erratic shifting.
I was told that i would need a diagnostic which I would have to pay for and that the clutch wear and tear was not covered by the warranty.

They may be right. You have the papers. What, exactly, does your warranty say regarding the clutch?

Can you describe “erratic shifting?” With a standard transmission the shifting is done by the driver so what is erratic about it?

To my knowledge, the only auto warranty that covers wear and tear items like clutches, brakes, and wiper blades is Subaru’s warranty. And, even that type of coverage is a recent development within the past 2 years. Traditionally, no automaker gives warranty coverage on a part that can be worn out through overuse/improper use, such as brakes and clutches.

As Steve suggests, reading the actual details of your warranty (which should be sitting in your glove compartment) will give you the answer regarding what parts are covered. I suspect that the answer will not be one that pleases you.

The title of your post is misleading. If the warranty does not cover clutch wear and tear (I don’t think it does) then Hyundai is honoring their warranty. It’s just not in the direction that you would like it to be. Read your warranty.

For everything you buy, from refrigerators, phones & shoes to cars and houses,
the longer the offered warranty…the longer the list of parammeters ( aka loop holes ) you must meet to get the warranty to pay out.
– this is life –
As all the others have clearly stated…read yours.

It very well may be that it is not clutch related , you never defined erratic shifting, but to learn this they must first diagnose.
When they diagnose and find it is warranty coverd transmission internal parts , do they pay the diagnostics then ?

read you warranty info to learn this.

It sounds as I would expect.  

Few if any car manufacturers give warranty coverage for wear. You need to read the details for the warranty before you or we will know if it should have been covered

I don’t know what erratic shifting means on a manual transmission car so you mighty define that a bit more clearly.

It sounds like the dealer has hinted, based on what may be limited knowledge of the problem, that the problem may be related to clutch wear.
Clutch wear is not a warrantable issue as that is a wear item that is extremely dependent upon the person driving the car. It’s in the same category as brakes.

If this is automatic it will be covered by warranty. However sometimes you must pay a diagnostic and it turns out to be a covered repair it gets waived.

If this is a manual transmission it potentially get covered including your diagnostic fee. However if not you get an estimate/diagnosis.

Clutches and brake wear are not typically covered except for Subaru under bumper to bumper warranty.

The OP did mention that it is a manual transmission vehicle.

Generally, you do have to pay a diagnostic fee, and generally, clutch wear is not covered under warranty. Do keep in mind that “warranty” does not mean “everything’s free no matter what”. I too, however, wondering what “erratic shifting” is. We may be able to offer possible causes if you describe to us what is happening.