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I know what you're talking about

I’m Farouq and a first time poster. Brand new to this site and can’t believe all of these familiar stories that I’ve been reading. I am currently financing a 06 tiburon gs and have had so many different problems with this car. I traded in my fabalous but stead fast depreciating mercury milan for this financial black hole that we call a tiburon. Since I’ve had this poor excuse for a car: I’ve had the radio replaced under warrenty, the sun roof re-serviced multiply times, also under warrenty, and finally the clutch needed to be replaced 35000 miles into it’s pathetic existence, however clutch wasn’t covered under warrenty of course. As we’ve heard time and time again, it’s considered a “wear item”. When the problem first gained my attention, it was intermittent. Now and again I would notice a grinding feeling and noise when ever I would shift from 1st into 2nd or when ever I down shifted into 2nd. In addition, if I sat at a light for some time and idled in nuetral, I would have the worst time trying to engage 1st gear when ever it was time to take off. I told my self that the clutch was touchie. So I would rev up ever so slightly just to manage getting it into gear. I brought the car in immediately to the dealerships service department thinking that what ever the problem was the warrenty would cover it. However, during the first visit the problem was SO intermittent that they couldn’t get the clutch to behave in the way that I had describe to them. I was told to bring it back in when the problem worsend. I’m 26 years old and I’ve had a permit at 15, a license at 16, and been pilot of a manual transmission vehical since 17. Still, to eliminate any possibility of “driver error” I tested the car with other even more experienced drivers. At first like I said before, the problem was come and go but, I was able to pin point a frame in which the clutch would act up more often. Which was any time that I or any one else would shift from1st to 2nd 5-6000 rpm, the grinding would occur almost every time. So I brought the car back into the dealership to explain my new discoveries in order to prevent from having to wait for the problem to worsen resulting in major parts having to be replaced which in turn would cause me to be down one of my two much needed automobiles. I was unsuccessful at my attempt to implement any preventive medicine regarding this matter and was once again sent away because they couldn’t realize a problem therefore they couldn’t fixed the problem. To make matters worse instead of words of encouragement and understanding I was sent away with " well these tiburons aren’t designed for high speed shifting" After I tried to help THEM locate the problem.! I left still not knowing that when ever the problem did surface that it wouldn’t be covered by warrenty. I continued driving the car easy as possible until finally the clutch got so bad that it ground every time that it was shift between the first three of my five fantastic gears. Also, I started experiencing slippage. When I got it in to gear any gear I noticed that when ever I would press the throttle the car would near immediately red line. This is a problem when the clutch is fully engaged. I live in Ocala Florida yet I work in Gainesville. Those of us who know, understand that it is a 45 minute drive once you hit the interstate. This happens when I’m half way home. So obviously those had to be the signs that our beloved Jenkins Hyundai of Ocala needed to see before they could fix the problem. I get the car into the shop early that next morning only to find out that : the entire clutch system needs to be replaced, which includes, disc assy-clutch, bearing-clutch re, cover assy-clutch, bolt-flywheel, it’s not cover under warrenty it’s considered to a wear item, the bill would be $1300, didn’t have the parts on hand, it would be a week before they even received the parts needed, and last but not least to add insult to injury since it wasn’t a warrenty issue there would be no loaner car offered. $1275.00 later ( because I brought the Car Care Coupons) I had a new factory clutch put in. Any thing done to that car was done by the factory in order to not void the warrenty that I still am under today. The work was completed back in 08-08-08. It’s now 10-07-08 and once again I’m experiencing the beginning stages of this gargantuan disaster for the second time, Which brings me to this point obviously I can’t dump the car now, it’s not paid off, I’m already upside down from the previous trade in, it’s not under my name, if I were to attempt to trade again I would have Gallardo payments driving in a used 02 Civic, what should I do? Second questioned is that those of us that have replaced their clutch more than once already, why did you come out the pocket for it? If when the first or any time you paid to get the clutch replaced, it then becomes guaranteed and falls under a temp warrenty for up to 12 months or 12000 miles which ever comes first. So if it went bad again with in that time table you should’ve been able to have it replace again for free right? At the very least that would have bought you some time to dump the car and pick up something else before you had to put any money into it again. I used to a die hard hyundai fan. I even looked foward to the 2010 rwd Genesis coup that will be replacing the tiburon line. I even had it as my screen saver. But now I’m so scared that I’m about to be screwd over that I hate hyundai with a passion. I’m a full time waiter working only part time hours. A husband, a father, and can’t afford this shit right now. Please any advise is welcome

Paragraphs. Look it up in a dictionary. Your unbroken post is VERY difficult to read and that’s why you won’t get many replies.

Are you saying the new clutch is failing in just two months? You didn’t give any symptoms for this second “disaster,” so it’s hard to tell. If the new clutch is not working correctly, take it back.

We’ve had manual transmission cars in my family for more than 35 years and NEVER replaced a clutch, even at 200K+ miles, so I can’t talk about replacing one a second time.

In all of your rambling you didn’t tell us whether your Tiburon has a 4-cylinder or a V6, and this might make a difference.

It sounds like the clutch was not disengaging completely, and that’s why it wouldn’t go into gear at traffic lights. This may have been caused by a simple hydraulic leak, or not enough clutch fluid in the system.

If you notified the dealer about clutch problems and they told you to keep driving until it got worse, you should be on record for a warranty repair. Although, when you told them about about your driving style you probably shot yourself in the foot. Too late now.

Why, as a 26-year-old husband and father are you financing a car that’s not in your name? This doesn’t make much sense. There comes a time when you have to drive a car that’s financially prudent rather than a car that fulfills your ego, especially when you can’t afford the ego car, and, like it or not, it sounds like you can’t really afford this Tiburon.

I’m sorry about your clutch problem, but I think you should step back and evaluate your situation a bit. First rule: When you’re in a hole, stop digging. Second rule: Never fall in love with an automobile.

And maybe skip that extra cup of coffee.

I’m sorry, but I cannot bring myself to read a very long post that is not broken into paragraphs for the ease of the reader.

Why don’t you do a copy and paste, placing your text into a new post–with paragraph breaks inserted? Otherwise, you will get few replies other than some that are similar to mine.

If the clutch is failing now, after two months and less than 4K miles, then it most likely the dealer’s own parts and labor warranty should cover a replacement, if one is warranted. Our family gets 50K to 75K miles out of a clutch, as a point of comparison, consistently over a 15 year period. The 75K is 30 miles one way highway driving and some stop and go in town.

Now that you know Hyundai clutches don’t do well for you, I would suggest the next clutch replacement be done by an independent mechanic and with aftermarket parts. This approach may or may not make a difference, but there is literally no sense in continuing with the dealer and their higher prices if you are not getting the satisfaction you need from them.

I would also relook purchasing a Genesis, because it will be a first model year release vehicle (and you may be victim to the first year adjustments/problems that come with the release), and you would have to deal with the Hyundai dealer that is not providing you with any customer satisfaction at this point, two good reasons to ditch Hyundai and this dealer. There are plenty of good vehicles out there that should meet your needs for reliability. I would keep the car longer, and see what an aftermarket clutch solution does for me.

it is unfortunate that you have had these recurring problems.

as another said, you DON’T have to go to the dealer for repairs (unless they are specifically covered by warranty work.)

for ALL repairs, and regular maintenance find a good, reputable, and recommended mechanic.

you must get out of this notion that only a dealer can work on your car. a good mechanic is just as effective, and more affordable than a big dealer mechanic and you can actually have a personal relationship with a neighborhood mechanic and get to know (and they get to know you) which is good for the trust issue.

see how little trust you have with the dealership service dept??

and if you look up hyundai reputation, and customer satisfaction you will see similar experiences as yours. there is a reason these cars are so cheap. you don’t get something for nothing.

I traded in my fabalous but stead fast depreciating mercury milan for this financial black hole that we call a tiburon.

Problem #1 is every car is a financial black hole. Cars are not investment vehicles (no pun intended). I hope you didn’t trade in your fabulous car just because it was depreciating.

If you treat a clutch properly, it might last the life of the car. If you don’t use it properly, it doesn’t last. I am not saying it is the driver’s fault, but from where I sit it is impossible to know for sure. Your history doesn’t prove you have good technique.

I have a question. It appears the dealership didn’t treat you as you would like to be treated. So why the heck did you pay them to put in a new clutch? You are enabling the dealership that treats you poorly by giving them your business? Why would you expect to be satisfied as a customer?

Any thing done to that car was done by the factory in order to not void the warrenty that I still am under today.

It sounds like the dealership did some work on your car, so this statement isn’t true. Furthermore, getting work done by an independent mechanic doesn’t void your warrany if the mechanic is ASE certified.

My advice is to find another shop to maintain and repair your car. Either find another Hyundai dealership, even if you have to drive farther, or find a good independent mechanic. You said the clutch wasn’t covered under warranty, so why go to the dealership for a new one, especially considering how they treated you?

There may well be a problem with the car, but based on what you wrote, you had a hand in making your problems worse. First, I don’t understand why you traded in a good car while you were upside down in the loan. Second, I don’t understand why you didn’t try other mechanics and other dealerships when the one you went to didn’t solve your problem. You can only solve this problem by taking responsibility for your own actions. It isn’t the car’s fault.

It seems that there is a problem with the parts which disengage the clutch. You may be better off, warranty or not, to take it to an independent mechanic for troubleshooting. If s/he finds the cause, you could work with the Hyundai zone representative on finding a shop (dealership or otherwise) to do the needed repairs / adjustments.

Yes, tiburon, what we need to tell you is probably not what you want to hear. You need a serious attitude adjustment. You are a father with apparently modest income, yet you are driving a somewhat expensive vehicle.

No one should ever drive a vehicle that is so expensive that you can’t repair it when needed.

Apparently your self-image has you thinking you need/deserve a good car. There is no such concept. If you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t have it. That '02 Civic sounds about right.

Admittedly you are painted in a corner. All you can do is try to dig your way out and never make such a mistake again.