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Clutch on automatic covered under Powertrain?

I have a 2013 Dodge Dart with an automatic transmission. The clutch has gone out at 50k miles. Dodge has denied the powertrain warranty claim. Do I have any shot of getting them to cover it?

To me the transmission is part of the powertrain, what does your warranty say?

Says it covers transmission and all internal parts. Only disclaimer I see is on a manual transmission.

An automatic trans does not have ‘‘the clutch’’, it has many. you’ll need it diagnosed first.

Ask the dealer.

The warranty coverage list is different . .
By brand . . .
By level purchased . .
and other fine print differences.
The dealer will check, by part number, and see if your coverage includes the parts you need.

How many miles/months is the warranty good for? If your car is within the coverage period, and it states ‘and all internal parts’, I don’t understand how they’re denying coverage. What, exactly does the dealer say?

I wouldn’t be surprised that the service writer who’s denying the claim was told by the mechanic it’s one of the clutches…and he looks it up on some chart that says the clutch in a manual transmission isn’t covered…no knowing that automatics have internal clutches.

I’d press this further…even call corporate. Anything internal to the transmission should be covered under the power train warranty.

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5 year/ 100,000 mile warranty. I called the service manager and talked to him for the first time this morning. He said he’s looking into it. When I first talked to him he was under the impression that it was a manual. When I told him it was an automatic, his response was “that doesn’t sound right, I’ll have to see why it was denied.”


Are You Withholding Any Information?
Does the car have a trailer hitch?
Is/was the car subjected to unusual punishment or used commercially?
Was regular maintenance performed on the car?
Was maintenance required on the drivetrain that had been neglected?


I’ll bet that you diagnosing it yourself and telling them the wrong terminology is what is misleading the answer.
let them diagnose any problem with the car and they will tell you if it’s warranty or not.

I would expect the clutch on a dual clutch automatic transmission to be covered under the powertrain warranty, it is not listed as an exclusion.

This is the contact information from the warranty booklet, if the dealer won’t repair it under warranty perhaps the manufacture can explain why not;

Here are the addresses and telephone numbers of the
Chrysler Customer Assistance Center that can help you
wherever you happen to be. Contact the one that covers
your area:
• In the United States:
Chrysler Customer Assistance Center
P.O. Box 21-8004
Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-8004
Phone: (800) 423-6343

They did diagnose it. I had it towed to the dealership. It’s still sitting there. No wear and tear. I bought it used 9 months ago. It’s my daily driver, almost all highway. I take care of vehicle, timely oil changes and maintence unkept.

Bought used. That has a distinct bearing on the original factory warranty.

ahh . . the plot thickens.
USED you say.
From whom ? Dodge dealer ? personal ? Used car lot ?
Now…what does the warranty state about subsequent owners ?

Bought from same dealer. 5 year/100k transferable warranty.

Dodge website states 5 year/60000 transferable powertrain warranty. See dealer for details. It is possible the transfer fee was not paid. Most used cars are As Is.

Mine was bought with a 100k warranty. Fee was paid.


When you were surprised that they denied coverage, did you ask why?
What did they tell you?

Original service clerk I talked to couldn’t tell me. Wanted to have manager resubmit.

So Far , so good, all the right answers.
If your dealer still has trouble with the warranty specs . .
Call Dodge as suggested . ( IF it’s the Dodge warranty )
or, if possible,
ask any other dealer.Warranty is nationwide.
Here at my Ford dealer, when you drive in the service from out of town or in , any owner , anytime . . we run the VIN and the printout states exactly what warranty coverage you have.
You don’t have to ask.
If it’s Ford warranty, Ford pays it, any dealer nationwide.

I sure hope that’s the case with Dodge.

Keep all paperwork associated with this matter. You have a good case so just keep plugging away. If they ask you for paperwork…make sure it’s a copy they get.