Clutch pad and slave cylinder

After 27,021 miles, my 2003 Hyundai Accent became immobile. The dealer told me I had to replace the clutch pad, disc, and bearing. This cost me $1071. None of the parts were covered under the Hyundai warranty. Four days later, after 114 miles of mostly highway driving, the gears would not shift once again. This time, the dealer replaced the slave cylinder and did not charge me anything for it, saying this was covered by Hyundai’s warranty. Could you please tell me (a) if it is the new clutch system that put pressure on the slave cylinder causing it to leak air and eventually stop functioning (b) if it was a poorly made cylinder that in the first place caused damage to the clutch system © if the dealer is liable for not checking the slave cylinder the first time I took the vehicle and for giving me an incomplete, if not faulty, diagnosis and (d) if Hyundai is in anyway liable for my clutch problems. I have for years driven a manual transmission vehicle; the Accent is not a sports car and I am middle-aged.

I believe this is a duplicate of another post (Same Title) which has answers already. I suggest no responses should be made to this one.