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Hyundai XG350

In order to do a tune-up on my mothers car, I have to remove the intake to get to the back three cylinders. Do I need to replace just the intake gaskets, or is there more (Much more) to it?

Is There A Model-Year and Engine Size Associated With This Vehicle ?


A service manual would be very helpful for a job like this, and would answer this question and any others that may arise during the tune-up. is a good source for inexpensive used manuals.

Your local auto parts store or bookseller may also have a manual for your mother’s XG350.

It is a 2004. The Six cylinder (Two engine sizes, 4 or 6 cylinder and I am not any where near the car right now).
Auto parts store says they can not get me a service manual (O’reillys). Hyundai says it will cost $300.00 for them to do the tune-up and I hate to pay that if it is relatively simple.
Thanks for the replies.