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Tune up 2003 Infiniti I35

I have 117,334 miles on my 2003 Infiniti I35. I bought it used with 74,099 miles. How much is the tune up, and many miles before getting a tune up?

No one can give you valid estimate over the internet and you should look in your vehicle manual for service at miles or time which ever comes first.

Additionally, the cost of a “tune-up” (which is a totally non-specific term that can mean wildly different things to different people) will vary to a very great extent, depending on where you live, and whether you go to an independent mechanic or a dealership.

One note of caution–Unless the vehicle came with full maintenance records, you have to assume that NONE of the required maintenance has ever been done, and in that scenario, that “tune-up” will be considerably more extensive–and more expensive–than the maintenance that is normally done at 120k miles.

Spark plug changes on these V6 engines can be pricy (Several $100’s) because the rear bank is hard to get to. You’re due; just make sure they use OEM part number plugs.

“Tune-up” won’t be listed in any modern maintenance schedule. Things know as tune-up related like spark plug replacement will be listed in the 100,000 or 120,000 mile service, this varies by vehicle/manufacture. Air filter replacement every 30,000 miles. If you go in and ask for a “tune-up” or “major service” you might have parts replaced unnecessarily that have been recently replaced, follow the maintenance schedule.

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