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Hyundai won't start

My 2000 Hyundai Accenthas no power to anything. I checked the battery and it is good. I cleaned the terminals

How many miles on your Hyundai?

Start by following the power. You checked the battery and cables, but those cables then go to other cables etc.

Also Do you have a antitheft system on your car? That is often the source of this kind of problem. Especially if it was an aftermarket install. There are a lot of problems with those.

Good Luck

Automatic Transmission ? No “Check Engine” Light When The Key Is Turned To “On” ?
Is The Passenger Compartment Fuse #5 (10A - ECM/ATM A/T Shift Lever) Fuse Blown ?

If so then check for a short circuit (to ground) in the “Red With Black Stripe” wire near the wiring harness connector located under the center console trim panel just behind the ATM shifter assembly.

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Clarify " . . . no power to anything."

Do any lights, horn, radio, or anything electrical work ? If no, I’d suspect a fusible link or broken wire or ground strap.


I just want to thank those that tried to help. I did find the problem and it is now repaired. The cable from the hot battery post to the main fuse block did not show any connectivity with the battery. I cleaned where it was connected, and now everything works fine.