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Help 😂 she’s givin me trouble

G’day Guys
My daily is a 2001 Hyundai Accent and i’ve been having problems with it lately. For starters when its cold she’ll start up and die straight up and wont restart, again when im driving it’ll just give up and die and again wont restart till later.
I never have any problems with power and ive pulled out and checked the fuel pump. All the ignition systems seem to be ok and its not the battery as it’s doing its best to start the bus every time. Cant find any loose pulgs or sensors either so im stumped. Unless it’s a cooked sensor i don’t know about. Engine light is on too :joy:
Cheers in advance for any help guys

What codes is it throwing?

The car knows… Can’t help much until you post the codes… in the form P0123. Auto parts stores in the US will read them for free, not sure about other places.

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