2007 Accent Hesitating to Start

Something strange is going on with my car. I have a 2007 Hyundai Accent with approx 51K miles. Since the summer I’ve occasionally had a problem where my car hesitates to start. The only time this occurs is when I’m running errands and I’ve only been out of my car for 5, 10, or 15 minutes - I don’t hear the engine cranking or any strange noises, when I put the key in the ignition and turn the car on, it will hesitate then turn on & run with no problem.

This also occurs randomly - last week I was running errands every day on my lunch break and I believe it only happened once. I was in a store today for 10 mins and when I came out and started the car it hesitated.

I’ve never had this happen say when my car sits at work all day or overnight. Actually this weekend I never left my house and my car started just fine this morning.

Any idea what this could be? My car is still under warranty & I should take it to the dealer to have them check it out, but since I’m a single woman and will do this on my own; I at least want to have some insight as to what it could possibly be.


Amy, I think you’re due for a replacement of the car-battery. It’s cheap, get it from Costco and install it yourself or have a man do it.

At my last oil change (which was in September) I had my battery checked and they said it was perfectly fine. I’m due for an oil change so I will get them to check it again.

I don’t find your description of the problem to be clear. I guess you’re saying that you turn the key and nothing at all happens? Then after some short period of time the engine starts cranking and starts up normally?

Sorry - it’s hard for me to describe because it happens randomly & quickly. I’ll turn the key to start up and all the lights stay on, then after a second or two the car starts normally (I’ll turn the key again and it starts up).

Ok - lets just go through it move by move.

  1. You put the key in.
  2. You turn the key all the way forward as you normally would to start the car. The dash lights come on, but the car doesn’t do anything else.
  3. You release the key, and then turn it again at which point it starts normally.

Is that it?

1 - I put the key in
2 - turn the key, all the lights come on like they normally do before the car starts up but nothing happens
3 - I don’t release the key, I just try turning the key again and then… car starts

Ok - well, I’m not sure how you turn the key “again” if you never release it from turning it the first time. You either turn the key all the way to start it and hold it there (but there are a couple of seconds of dead before it does anything). Or you turn, release, and turn again.

Either way, I suppose. When you take it to the dealer there is a really good chance that they won’t be able to reproduce the problem. You will then be sent on your way with no resolution. So keep all of the documentation from your visits though.

My wild guess would be that you are seeing the first signs of either a failing ignition switch or neutral safety switch - worn and/or dirty contacts.

Like I said it happens so quickly when I try to remember exactly what I did it’s a blur. I see what you mean about turning the key, I must release it and turn it again.

I’ll have to keep and eye on it and mention it when I take it in for an oil change. I had a feeling it’s going to be one of those things that it will have to completely stop working in order to diagnose the problem


Its a possibility that you may have corrosion on the wires which attach to the starter which will also cause these intermitten non-starts. A weak starter with tired brushs will also do the same but a good mechanic can do a load test on the Battery and starter very quickly and should know if there is a problem with them. Its a simple meter he hooks on and then someone attempts to start the car which will show him how much power each item is drawing to start theengine.