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Hyundai Santa Fe 2002

hyundai santa fe 2002 why do i smell tranmission fluid and solenoid 2 and 3 are not working Also is in limp mode how do I fix this problem.

When was the last time the transmission fluid was serviced?


4 days ago I did the plug in with my girls dad and he said solenoid 2 and 3 it won’t go over 25 and I smell transmission

I don’t know anything about this particular vehicle, but as general info automatic transmission solenoids are electric operated magnets which open and close valves inside the transmission. The valves opening and closing direct transmission fluid to the correct place under extremely high pressure to create a force needed to shift the gears. So if that isn’t happening, some of the gears won’t work, and you got limp mode. For that to all work properly, the following must be in order

  • the electronics telling the valves what to do must be correct
  • the solenoid windings must be intact enough to create the magnetic field when powered up
  • the valve must seal properly against the valve body
  • the trans fluid must be in good condition, have the correct viscosity, very clean, and at the proper level
  • the pump inside the transmission must produce the correct fluid pressure
  • and all the fluid paths inside the transmission must be free and unobstructed

So you got some problem with one or more of those. Starting with new fluid at the proper level makes sense.

Mechanics would read the transmission diagnostic codes using a scan tool and then follow the manufacture’s shop manual procedure specific for those codes. If you post the actual code numbers maybe somebody here can tell you more.