1999 Chrysler Sebring - Third and fourth are gone

Does not shift to 3rd and 4 th

Well? 22 years old. Likely you have not been changing the transmission fluid every 30-50,000 miles, am I correct?
Take it to an **independent ** transmission shop, have it diagnosed. You might get lucky and it will only be in the hundreds, not thousands to fix.


What @Purebred said. Or do yourself a favor and get rid of this 21 year old car that was not a paragon of reliability when it was new.

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The transmission is in limp mode. Changing the fluid with the proper fluid might get it functioning again.

Yes, but it’s also possible that the trans went into limp mode because of an engine problem.

Is the Check Engine Light lit up?
If so, how long has it been lit up? And, is it lit steadily, or is it blinking/flashing?

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