2006 Jeep Wrangler - Hard shifts

So 5 years ago my jeep started to go into limp mode after a hard shift. I changed atf and filter, but no dice. Eventually, I purchased a new ECU/TCM and the jeep started working like new. Ido think I took it in at one point and they didn’t find anything wrong, maybe who knows. Cut to now. The same thing has happened. I made an attempt to change the shift solenoid but got halfway through and decided to cut my losses and just change the fluid and filter. So my question is should I take it in and get the solenoid changed or could I just get a new computer and change my fluid more often?

My suggestion is to find a well-reputed independent trans shop (NOT a chain-run joint like Lee Myles, Mr. Transmission, Cottman, or AAMCO), and have them diagnose the problem, rather than simply throwing parts at it, at random. While it is in the shop for diagnosis, this might also be a good time to have the fluid and filter changed


Your automatic transmission has many shift solenoids, not just one

Did you retrieve fault codes for a specific shift solenoid . . . ?


Suggest a visual check of all the transmission-related electrical connectors. If there’s evidence of any corrosion, green gunk etc, in the pin/socket area, replace the connectors. Rain water may have found a way into the engine compartment. If so, that needs to be fixed too. Has any debris (twigs, leaves, pine needles) accumulated in the drainage area at the bottom of the windshield?

If the connectors are all good, and there’s no problem with water getting into the engine compartment, suggest to hire a well-recommended inde transmission shop to restore the Jeep’s transmission function to like new. Don’t tell them what to change, or what not to change.

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